Most professional athletes use anabolic drugs that promote the absorption of food energy and protein in the muscle tissue.

Method of use of vitamin and mineral complexes requires a mandatory review of the level of security of the individual athlete's organism with vitamins, macro- and microelements. Buy anabolic steroids online will save you time and money. The qualitative composition of imported PPBTS shown in Table. 12 and 13, allow the individual to choose the right products and forecast their combination with the main diet, pharmacological agents, and to find the optimal conditions for their relation to training and competition.

Practical experience and analysis of the literature indicates that the main features of nutrition in the immediate preparation for a competition and in competition arising from the educational objectives at this stage. As a rule, it is the preservation and improvement of athletic performance satisfactory special focus, as well as its urgent restoration. Therefore, the first task, if not already reached the highest, the ultimate level of fitness, is the preservation of diet, nutrition, habitual for the athlete or group of athletes. Why in articles about anabolics often use the term anabolic androgenic steroids? This is necessary to ensure that in a responsible precompetitive time not to put into practice new ideas diet, nutrition, especially of special purpose, not to change the mode and the basic diet. In this case, all sorts of innovations can move steady balance in the body's metabolism and lead to a change in fitness unwanted side.

Tissues found within the human body obtain energy for growth during an anabolic state.

However, from here you can make another important conclusion: if you want to further improve the fitness level, the impact on the internal processes of the body is necessary and desirable. Anabolics for sale only the highest quality. Thus, for example, certainly needed more power to the distance (marathon, cross-country cycling race on the highway, cross-country skiing) and in the intervals between starts for one day events (rowing, swimming and so on. D.). The best way to supply the body's energy and plastic material in such cases becomes PPBTS application. Theoretical and practical evaluation of the reception PPBTS at a distance and in the intervals between starts place in the 70-80-ies in St. The word anabolic comes from the greek word "anabole" which means "to build up". Petersburg NIIFK. It was found that regular intake of fluids carbohydrate-mineral drink "Olympia" on a distance multi-day bicycle race or in model experiments in the laboratory a number of indicators improves the cardiovascular system, regulates the water-salt metabolism and thermogenesis. We also obtain the confirmation of Guardian effect of exogenous carbohydrates to glycogen in the muscles, the maintenance of muscle proteins, to increase efficiency and improve athletic performance.

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When a multi-day competitions (cycling on the highway, marathons, daily re-start, and so on. D.) Carbohydrate food can start after 30-40 minutes. after the start. Athletes from all walks of life to buy anabolic steroids online. If an athlete is only one start for a long distance, then, according to US researchers, carbohydrate intake is optimal 1,5-2 hours of work.

In recent years, experts are actively studying the problem of prelaunch carbohydrate food, its impact on the performance and athletic performance. Today it is possible to make a definitive conclusion that taking a significant amount of carbohydrates in the form of sucrose or glucose (50 g or more) for 20-60 minutes before the start often leads to hypoglycemia, reduced efficiency and may refuse to work. At the same time receiving fructose solutions to exercise endurance can have a beneficial effect on performance. Anabolism is actually a source of energy for the anabolic state - is the set of metabolic pathways that construct molecules from smaller units for the growth and development of the human body. This effect is due to the conservation of glycogen in muscle, stabilizing glucose and insulin levels, better mobilizing fat as a source of energy and other metabolic changes.

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